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We are excited to announce the opening of our newest location in Manhattan

After a decade of serving the Brooklyn and Miami residents, we are very happy to announce that our doors are open in our new location in Manhattan.

When you are pondering where to buy wigs in NYC, Yaffa Wigs should be at the top of your list. We recently opened a stylish new location in the heart of Manhattan (on 22 E 82nd Street) and are eager for you to come check it out! At Yaffa Wigs, our wig stylists are extremely passionate about helping you look—and feel—your best.

Give us a call today (212) 772-0223!

Quality Wigs For Women

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Our Specialties

At Yaffa Wigs Manhattan, our goal is to create top quality wigs from the finest hair at an affordable price point. We want you to be able to run your hands through your wig, feel it brush against your shoulders when you turn your head, and forget that it’s not your own hair.

European Human Hair

Yaffa Wigs offers the finest collection of European Human Hair wigs and custom wigs at our wig salon in Manhattan.

Good Quality Wig

Finding a  good quality wig can pose a bit of a challenge for someone who is new to purchasing wigs because so many options exist. High-quality wigs are a practical option for those who want to look their very best, no matter the occasion. Yaffa has years of experience making wigs and styling them. Her costumers looks and feel completely natural with their wigs.

Pre-Cut Wigs

Precut ready-to-wear human-hair luxury wigs. Hair features professionally cut and styled.

We Deliver and Ship all over the Country!

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